Redwood Seeds Blog

  • Spring at Redwood Seeds

    This spring our popuilation grew: new baby boy, baby goats and thousands of seedlings awaiting transplant. To read full article click here.  read more »

  • Seed Saving 102: Save Seed From Brassica Crops

    Read here to learn about seed saving techniques for cool season brassica crops including cabbage, broccoli and kale. Read more »

  • Winter at Redwood Seeds 2015

    Read about our farm life as the winter sets in. Article from Edible Shasta Butte Winter 2015 read more »

  • Redwood Seeds Fall 2015- Edible Shasta Butte

    Follow our farm through the seasons for the next year with these quarterly publications in the Edible Shasta Butte magazine. Each edition highlights our seed farm and provides relevant seed saving information. read more »

  • Farming with Child: Everything in rounds

    Being mom and farming at the same time is a busy and beautiful experience. Look around our yard and you will see: a big blue wheelbarrow and and a tiny red, Mama's shovel and Maisie's shovel, and yes, the ride on, steel, pedal, craig's list kid's tractor- that is the newest addition:) She wants to help and do everything we do. So whether planting seeds, forking beds or picking strawberries she wants to be right there. . Every thing in rounds. Cyclical. Now we read books, and now we water the garden, now we wheelbarrow fire wood, and now we... read more »