From our garden to yours...

Celebrating 10 years of business!

Redwood Seeds was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing organic local seeds for home gardeners. 10 years later we continue to seek out heirloom and open pollinated varieties that are worthy of your garden. We grow 90% of the seeds we sell here on our farm and contract the remainder from certified organic farmers on the west coast. 

Our seeds are all Certified Organic by CCOF and open pollinated, meaning gardeners can save their own pure seed from our stock. Our selection reflects our favorite varieties and supports original breeding work by featuring modern varieties bred by west coast seed breeders.

We are signers of the Safe Seed Pledge and are members of the Open Source Seed Initiative dedicated to freeing the seed from intellectual property rights and patents.


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Our off-grid farm nestles in the Lassen foothills of northern CA. What was raw black burnt land after a wild fire in 2005 is now bountiful, and our 5 isolation fields grow richer each year. Growing seeds began as a hobby and has matured into our passion. Over the years our family has grown to include two little seed savers who feature from time to time in the veggie photos! 


        Lemon Cucumbers for seed processing                          
                    Phases of cleaning Lemon Cucumber seed

Farm Update 12/14/18 

Our seed growing and harvest season has wrapped up and winter  is upon us. We had bumper crops of many varieties including the Lemon cucumbers shown above. Seed saving is an intensely hands on experience complete with the requisite chopping, mushing, fermenting and water play.

We are pleased to feature many new varieties for 2019 including Desert King watermelon, Atomic Grape Cherry tomato, Stocky Red Roaster sweet pepper, Siber Frill Kale and more. The last three varieties are the breeding work of west coast breeders. The development of new high quality open pollinated varieties is an art form and science that takes many years of dedication. We are pleased to support these efforts by offering their varieties here. 

                     - Kalan, Cam, Maisie and Thor Redwood

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